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Google Zeitgeist 2012: Year in Review

Wow it’s almost the end of another year, and for me it’s been a hectic one full of ups and downs.

Google has done another great job of summing up what kept our attention for the year. Check out the Google Australia Zeitgeist 2012 to see what Aussies searched for over the year.

Yolo? Twerk?

Here’s to 2013.



Google’s New Privacy Policy


You could be clever and say “this policy means there is no privacy”, but it’s really just spelling out clearly what Google have been doing for a couple of years.

Basically they are watching what you do, and then trying to provide you with a better internet experience from their point of view.

If this kind of thing spooks you, enable Private Browsing on your web browser, should do the trick. Personally I like the customisation features – I get frustrated more when things like this don’t learn from what I do.

What do you think?